Founding Sponsors:

  New South Parking / EZ Parker
Fred Parker, General Manager
  The Slone Group
Ronnie Slone, President
  GNO Communications
Cliff Robinson, President
  Xavier University of New Orleans
Dr. Norman Francis, President

Project Committee:

  Warren Bell
Associate Vice President of University and Media Relations
Xavier University
  Karen Dunn
All Dunn Marketing Group
  Glenn Hayes
Benefits Consultant,
Group Insurance Associates, Inc.
  Dr. Judith Miranti
Director - Division of Education
avier University



About the Organizers

Post Katrina, the realization of what really comprises a healthy and growing community became abundantly clear. As the necessity for setting priorities and smart allocation of limited resources became critical, educational, (elementary, secondary and post-secondary) institutions, were among the top on the list.  Their significant impact clearly defined them as 'Building Blocks of a Community'. While still in recovery mode, we, as a small coalition of local businesses, felt it was important to provide a forum through which our local universities could tell their story. 

Thus, in November of 2006, we brought together for the first time, college Presidents and representatives from all of our local universities and hosted forum entitled, Higher Education As A Catalyst In Recovery - at which for three full hours, everyone in attendance got the opportunity to hear first-hand what tragedy and triumphs were born out of Hurricane Katrina.  More importantly, we learned the true financial and social impacts each of these universities provide to our community.  At the close of this event, It was an honor for us to present to each of the universities the first "Building Blocks of a Community Award".

Now, as we turn our attention to education at the elementary and secondary levels, it is obvious to all that our teachers are truly heroes in our community. Their extended roles go far beyond the reading, writing and arithmetic of yesterday.  They are challenged today with building character and instilling values in a society that offers many distractions and deterrents.  Their dedication and tireless effort comes with little or no public accolades. So it is time to say Thank You, publically. 

For the Year of the Teacher Campaign, we are honored to be joined by Xavier University and have created a dynamic Project Committee to help facilitate the events scheduled for the academic school year 2008/2009. This campaign presents a wonderful opportunity for all of us across the Greater New Orleans Region to unite and acknowledge our school systems' teachers.  Each of you, in your own way, as organizations, businesses and individuals can find some way to reach out to a teacher and say "Thanks"

And please let us know when and how you do it so we can share your goodwill with the community.  One great way to reach out is to become one of the sponsors of the upcoming Teacher Appreciation Reception.  Please contact us if you would like to consider this option. We also welcome and encourage your ideas and suggestions that may enhance this initiative.




2008 Year of the