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These are just a few of the many, many thoughts you have shared. Please take a moment to give us your sentiments (see below).  Only a sentence or two is necessary.  We hope to use many of your responses as quotes throughout the campaign.

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Why I Teach.

"These are my children, they are my future."
"I teach because I get excited when I see the light of understanding in a young child's eyes and the excitement they express when they learn something new."
"To help make a positive difference in our educational system"
"I teach because I have been equipped (love and passion) to prepare the whole child for his/her future. Most of all, I teach because I love children and I care!"
"I teach because I love children."
"If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. This is truly how I feel, everyday is a rewarding day for me."
"Teachers tremendously impacted my life.  I always hoped that I could do the same for someone."
"Because I believe every child has the potential to be great! It is my responsibility to motivate them to greatness."
"I teach because I love to see the growth and potential of students.  I want to make each child successful in his/her own unique way."
"Because I want to encourage and inspire a generation of outstanding individuals."
"Two totally different things: Seeing a kid start reading who barely knew his letters a few months ago, and hearing a story from a little person in the morning about whatever's going on in their life."
"I feel like teaching is my calling to life. I love to get my students excited about learning and reading. It is an awesome feeling to know that a student "got it". It is something I look forward to doing every single day. It is my passion!"
"I care about children. They are our most precious commodity."
"I keep learning through teaching. I also feel that I keep in touch with youthful energy by teaching."
"I want to make math interesting so that kids to love coming to math class.  So, I tell stories and make up funny ways for them to remember math steps."
"Every day I look forward to touching the future by teaching children."
"The need to inspire and challenge the young mind is my motivation.  I love to see those "light bulbs" go off!"
"I teach because I have a passion for children. I am motivated daily when I walk into the classroom each day and see those little angels sweet and innocent faces. This is what I live for every day to make them happy."
"I love sharing my passion for learning with children.  Love of learning is the best gift anyone can bestow on a young person."

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